A Proactive Approach

At Northeast Building Group, we are committed to being an Environmentally Conscious business as well as always maintaining proper Health & Safety conduct.  Feel free to read through our policy statements regarding these important policies.

Environmentally Conscious

At Northeast Building Group, we believe in making eco-friendly decisions in order to preserve our environment. We whole-heartedly abide by our Environmental Policy Statement and strive to efficiently manage the resources we utilize.

Read our Environmental Policy Statement here…

Safety Is Our Goal

Northeast Building Group is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all of its employees. We conduct our business operations in compliance with all federal, state and local safety regulations. We have adopted a proactive, common-sense approach to safety that focuses on identifying hazards at the job planning phase. The result is a smoother workflow, fewer distractions, and lower overall project costs.

Northeast Building Group maintains a dedicated safety committee that meets regularly to evaluate job hazards, identify mitigation measures and to drive continuous safety performance improvement. The Safety Committee consists of the safety and health manager, company owners, managers and field personnel.

Read our Safety & Health Policy Statement here…